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OCALA, FLORIDA, March 23/Internet/ -- Antennas for Communications (AFC) announced that it has received a contract with Hughes Communications to provide satellite earth station equipment for the Galaxy 9 program. Under the terms of the agreement, AFC will manufacture for Galaxy 9 affiliates 3.7 meter diameter antennas, dual-beam retrofits and multi-satellite feed systems. Completion of the Galaxy 9 program is expected by 1998. Networks moving to Galaxy 9 are Viacom's MTV, Nickelodeon, Showtime, The Move Channel, and Sundance Channel, along with General Communications, Inc. and TVN Entertainment Corporation.

"AFC welcomes the opportunity to furnish Galaxy 9 affiliates with quality products in a timely fashion" said Dr. Ronald S. Posner, AFC's CEO. "For the last five years, under two previous Galaxy 5 and 7 programs, our company has supplied similar equipment to Galaxy affiliates nationwide. "We welcome the continued trust and loyalty shown by Hughes Communications and their affiliates.

Antennas for Communications manufactures satellite and terrestrial antennas, radomes, microwave components and waveguide for the broadcast, communications, cable, radar, weather and government industry worldwide.

/Contact. Dr. Ron S. Posner of Antenna for Communications, (352)687-4121 or Igor Gamarra of Hughes Communications, (310)607-4222/

Transmitted 96-04-23 0000 EDT

Galaxy 9 Affiliate Voucher/Coupon Exchange

Galaxy 9 affiliates wishing to exchange their voucher/coupon for AFC Products, please select:
  • 3.7 Meter Diameter PR-12/4 Antenna for state-of-the art-C/Ku-band satellites.
    With only four sections and no fixtures, the PR-12/4 antenna is easily assembled without alignment errors by even the most inexperienced personnel. Voucher/Coupon value is full price with shipping included. For foundation information, see Galaxy Series 3.7 Meter PR-12/4 Antenna Foundation Diagram Specifications.

  • MSF-12 Dual Beam Retrofit for 3.7 Meter Class Antennas. With quality picture performance, this dual beam retrofit enables small 12 foot diameter antennas to view Galaxy G5 and G9 satellites without the need to install another antenna. Available for AFC, Prodelin, Patriot, Satellite Export, SA, Comtech and other manufacturers antennas. Voucher/Coupon value is full price with shipping included.

  • Multi-satellite Feed System for Satellite Dish Antennas 4.5 to 9 Meter Diameter.
    The multi-satellite feed system is capable of looking at up to 7 satellites simultaneously over 18 degrees of orbital arc. It may be used on AFC satellite dish antennas or antennas manufactured by other companies, including SA 4.5, 4.6, 5, 7; Andrew 4.5, 4.6,5,7,9; Harris 6.1, 9; Microdyne 5, 7; AFC 5, 7; Anixter 5; Comtech 4.5, 5; Prodelin 4.5, 5; Patriot 4.5; Satellite Export 4.5. Voucher/Coupon value reduces a new multi-sat feed system by $1700. Extra 2-degree feed extension with freight is covered in full by the voucher/coupon.

Antennas for Communications manufactures satellite dish antennas, conical horn antennas, radomes, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components, ultra low loss waveguide transmission line Tallguide and shelters. AFC's customers serve the broadcast, communications, radar, weather and cable industry, defense, government, and government agencies worldwide.

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