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Model PR-12/4 Antenna for C, Ku or dual C/Ku-band Satellites

    3.7 meter PR-12/4 AntennaAntennas for Communications' 3.7 meter PR-12/4 four (4) piece satellite dish antenna is the solution for general broadcasting and cable services. AFC, selected by Hughes Communications and their satellite networks, is pleased to offer the 3.7 meter antenna to the Galaxy Series satellite affiliates.

    This antenna is designed to provide superior performance for C or Ku- Band frequencies or for simultaneous reception for dual C and Ku-band state-of-the-art frequency satellites. No foundation is required. The antenna mounts on a customer supplied 5.5 in. OD schedule 80 steel pipe. The one piece pedestal, backframe assembly design furnishes easy alignment and stable support under various environmental conditions.

    With only four sections and no fixtures, the reflector is easily assembled without alignment errors by the most inexperienced personnel.


  • PERFORMANCE/ RELIABILITY - Fewer sections and one piece backframe means less opportunity for antenna assembly errors, which can affect overall antenna performance. Short 48 inch focal length adds up to LNB polarization adjustment within the reach of a normal arm's length. Fine elevation adjustment means precise Ku-band pointing. Strong rigid structure means superior wind performance.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - 50 lbs. per segment.

  • EASE OF INSTALLATION - Pipe mounted; no support equipment; antenna, backframe and mount assembly installed by two people in 2 hours.
  • TRANSPORTABILITY - Economical common carrier transported in a single carton.

  • VALUE - Quality and reliability at a reasonable price.


    Wood Crating of 3.7 meter PR-12/4 Antenna
    • Sections: 4 pieces divided radially.
    • Maximum Weight: 60 lbs. per segment.
    • Focal Length: 48 inches.
    • Construction: Fiberglass reinforced polyester composite laminate.
    • Backframe: Galvanized Steel.
    • Packaging: One 6'2" x 6'7" x 4'4" wood crate.
    • Packaged Weight: 450 lbs.

  • MOUNT:
    • Type: El/Az Pipe Mount.
    • Construction: Galvanized Steel.
    • Range of Adjustment: 0 to 90 degrees Elevation with fine adjustment of +/- 15 degrees.
    • Azimuth Adjustment: 360 degrees.

    • Gain at 4 Ghz: 41 dB +/- 0.5 dB.
    • Gain at 12 Ghz: 50.3 dB +/- 0.5 dB.
    • VSWR: 1.25:1

    • Temperature: -60 /+125 degrees F (-51 /+52 degrees C)
    • Wind load with Ice: 100 MPH (160 Km/Hr)
    • Wind load: 125 MPH (201 Km/hr)

    • Part No. DPC: Dual linear RX only C-band feed.
    • Part No. DPK: Dual linear RX only Ku-band feed.
    • Part No. DPCK: Four port dual linear RX only C/Ku-band feed.

  • CUSTOMER INFORMATION: Please specify PR-12/4C for C-band, PR-12/4K for Ku- band and PR-12/4CK for C/Ku-band operation.

  • OPTIONS: The PR-12/4 may be used with a dual beam multi-sat feed, MSF-12, and other feed types and LNB units. AFC manufactures satellite dish antennas from 0.7 to 7 meter diameter with high wind mounts or motorized pedestals.

AFC manufactures, markets and sells worldwide satellite dish antennas, conical horn antennas, radomes, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components, ultra low loss waveguide transmission line Tallguide , and shelters. Our customers serve the satellite, broadcast, communications, radar, weather and cable industry, defense, government, and government agencies worldwide.

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